• Sunset...Hokitika Beach

  • The Bush Walk... at Hurunui Jacks

  • The Lake... at Hurunui Jacks

  • Hokitika Gorge... breathtaking

  • Lake Kaniere...stunning, and almost on our doorstep


Welcome to Hurunui Jacks

This is where we could have prepared a dribbling statement about being a ‘life-style brand’ that ‘reflects the spirituality of the great outdoors and captures the blah de blah of the New Zealand ethos’.

But Hurunui Jacks is a bit more real than that.

Sure, it’s about the outdoors: hunting, fishing, adventure, travel, and living off the land.  It is 100% New Zealand – and pretty much as Kiwi as it can get. But we’ll leave the waffle to the PR firms of other brands.  This website is to tell you who we are and what we do. And here on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, it’s all about whitebait, gumboots and Monteith’s Beer, whether it’s on a t-shirt, tea towel, apron or canvas.

But really, we love our whitebait in a fritter (straight out of the river and into the frypan) on a piece of lovely fresh bread, our beer straight from the bottle, cold as, and our gumboots planted firmly on our feet!

General Info

Our t-shirts are manufactured in Central America and the Caribbean and our supplier practices one of the most stringent socially responsible programmes in the apparel industry, including free medical clinics and educational initiatives.  They are accredited by the Fair Labour Association, have their own rigorous Environmental Code of Practice and the commitment they have made to using environmentally responsible manufacturing processes is second to none.  This is why we use them. 

All our designs are hand drawn and printed in beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand.